Imran vowed to build a cancer hospital after watching
his mother suffer from the disease, which made
him think about how poor people coped during
such difficult times.

He travelled the country to raise money for the
hospital and in 45 days raised 4m dollars.
Money was thrust in his hands by the young, old
and even the poor.

Some powerful people began to see Imran as a threat
and tried to stop him from building the hospital. He
received threatening letters but he carried on with his mission.

He retired from cricket after the world cup as certain players objected to him raising funds
for the hospital, he didn't loose heart and travelled from country to country to raise funds by
arranging charity cricket matches, musical concerts and dinner parties, as well as melas.

Shaukat Khanum memorial hospital opened in Lahore in 1996 and the press and television
covered this happiest moment in Imran's life.

There was a bomb blast at the hospital which happened shortly before Princess Diana's visit which
killed six people leaving many injured and no one owned up to the bombing.

Imran was deeply shocked and realised that the only way to change things in Pakistan and to fight
corruption was to create his own political party, tehreek e insaff "justice party" to help the needy.

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