Imran began to make speeches about poverty when he
realised the country was in a mess, the poor were
unable to afford proper food, shelter or clothing
whilst the rich were getting richer and richer.

The work on his political party had to be halted as
he was summoned to court in London. Ian Botham decided
to sue Imran for accusing him of ball tampering in a
cricket match, which Imran denies and he offered to
apologise publicly for this misunderstanding but Ian insisted that the case went ahead.

The media had a field day covering this story but the case was eventually thrown out thus proving Imran's innoncence.

Imran hurried back to Pakistan as soon as the case was over because Pakistan was in crisis,
the president had been arrested and elections were being held. He was deeply involved in
the election campaign and crowds flocked to hear his speeches.

The opposition tried to diminish his popularity by getting Sita White, a heiress to file a paternity case
in an American court. Imran has refused to offer a blood test to prove he was not Tyrian's father and
there has been no verdict.

However due to this ill timed saga, Imran's party didn't win a single seat but I
personally believe the opposition played dirty tricks, which had a crucial effect on the results.

Imran would make a great politician as he is a great humanitarian, which a country like Pakistan
desperately needs to progress. He wears traditional clothing most of the time in order to
make people proud of their country.

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